Alamogordo Top Tube Bag


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The Alamogordo is the much-awaited bigger brother to the Alamo top tube bag.  Many of our customers liked the Alamo, but wanted more capacity.  I came up with a design that adds 50% more volume (1.5 liters versus 1 liter) without losing too much of the Alamo’s stability.

In terms of dimensions, the Alamo is about 2″ by 2″ in the rear, and 3″ x 3.5″ in the front. It’s 8 inches long. The Alamogordo is half an inch bigger in every dimension, so 2.5″x2.5″ tapering to 3.5″x4″ over about 8.5″ in length.

The Alamogordo should fit most riders with no leg rubbing issues while seated.  Due to the increased size, some riders will have their legs rub a bit while pedaling out of the saddle.  I find it an acceptable compromise for the extra capacity, but which bag to get is a very personal decision.  If you order one and it doesn’t work for you, you can exchange it for an Alamo, which should fit everyone without issue.

The front attachment strap is sewn into the bag for extra stability, and the bottom attachment strap is moveable – so no worries about compatibility with existing framebag straps.   Other features include:

  • Tapered design to maximize capacity
  • Easy one-handed opening and closing
  • Bright yellow interior
  • Plastic stiffeners in the side panels to help hold the shape
  • Foam padding on the contact panels to protect your frame
  • No-slip fabric on frame attachments for extra stability

Alamo Canyon is the official name of the Arizona Trail “Picketpost” passage.  Gordo means “fat” in Spanish.

Weight 5.5 oz

1.5 liters