Who We Are

Made in Arizona

Rogue Panda Designs is proud to make our gear right here in Flagstaff, AZ. When I started the company it was just me and a sewing machine, working out of my house. Now we’ve got a shop and an excellent team of employees turning out products. Being able to create jobs is a great feeling, and I couldn’t be more proud.

I’m also happy to be continuing the Flagstaff tradition of outdoor entrepreneurship. We’ve had quite a few brands start here, and we’ve got a decades-long history of sewing startups. To celebrate our Arizona heritage, all of our products are named after passages of the Arizona Trail, a 750-mile trail that runs the whole length of the state from Mexico to Utah.

Easy Custom Ordering

With Rogue Panda, there’s no need to cut a template out of cardboard and mail it into us for a custom framebag. Instead, we use math to design your bag from a photo of your bike and a ruler. Easy and it and saves you money for that postage. And believe it or not, the process is incredibly accurate. Your bag will fit your bike like a glove, guaranteed.

Solid Designs

Lightweight, yet durable. Uncomplicated, but polished. That’s how I would describe our bags. By keeping our designs simple and to the point, we can save weight while using bombproof materials. But at the same time, we obsess over every detail and are constantly tweaking and improving our products. The end result is a bag that does what it needs to very well, with a minimum of fuss, and a reasonable price.