About Us

We’re dedicated to making gear you’ll love

At Rogue Panda, we think the backcountry should feel like home. So we make products that work so well that you hardly notice they’re there (unless you want brightly colored T-Rex all over your bag…). From frame bags that fit your bike perfectly, to incredibly comfortable backpacks, we make gear with you in mind.

We use what we sell, and get our inspiration from the landscapes of northern Arizona. Our home of Flagstaff is surrounded by a world-class testing ground of deserts, ponderosa pine forests and rugged canyons. Places where rocks scratch your gear and long water hauls demand packs that carry well.

What’s in a Name?

When Nick started Rogue Panda in 2014, he wanted a name that was connected to Flagstaff, but nothing too direct. So he thought back on his years in the area and remembered a moment from his days building trails with a conservation corps.

We were headed back from work one day and passed by one of those electronic road signs, only instead of its usual message it said “Rogue Panda on Rampage”. Flagstaff is a pretty chill town and we all had a good laugh about it. A few years later when I was trying to think of a name for the company, it just popped into my head and I decided to roll with it.

It’s a wacky name, for sure. But we’re a bit wacky ourselves so that’s fine by us.


Chief Panda

Nick moved to Flagstaff in 2010 to do conservation work, building trails all over the Southwest. He started Rogue Panda in 2014. He rides a Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol on the singletrack of Flagstaff and Sedona, and his dad’s old commuter-turned-fixie around town. (And a 29+ unicycle). He’s also halfway through completing a Grand Canyon section-hike, with about 30 days of hiking left to go.


Master of Seams

Tommy Elias joined the team in 2016, but has been sewing for over 25 years and has a degree in costume design from Northern Arizona University. By day, he’s the best-dressed bike bag maker in the shop. By night, he sews the best costumes in Flagstaff. He finally took the plunge and bought his first mountain bike!


Best Beard in Flag

Bob has been living in Flagstaff for over 3 decades and is an avid mountain biker, cross-country skier, and Grand Canyon hiker. He left the increasingly corporate grocery-store world in 2016 to come work for us. He rides his Giant Trance and a Nimbus Unicycle around the trails of Flagstaff in his spare time. He’s also built quite a bit of the carpentry we use around the shop!



We rescued Ted from an attic, where he was sitting gathering dust. Now he’s free to pursue a life of rogue activities, such as:

  • Double dipping his bamboo
  • Biking on the sidewalk
  • Taking 16 items through the “15 items” line at the grocery store
  • Directing tourists to Walmart instead of Schultz Creek
  • Leaving the aluminum flap on the yogurt container