Custom frame bags that fit your bike like a glove

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The process for ordering your frame bag is simple! 

Check out our pattern list

We have patterns for lots of bikes already, so check the pattern list first. If we have your frame on file, you can mention it in the Order Notes box at checkout.

Pattern List

Don’t see your bike listed?

Follow the steps below to send us a photo and we’ll use our PANDAVISION to create the perfect frame bag for your bike.


Secure a ruler or tape measure to your bike for scale. It doesn’t matter where it is on the frame, as long as you’re not obscuring any important details.

If you’re ordering a bolt-on bag, remove your bottle cages and re-insert the bolts halfway so they’re clearly visible.


Step back 15 feet from the bike and crouch down if needed, so you’re aiming straight at the center of the frame.

If you can, shoot the photo outdoors! The bright light of the sun will help a lot to take a clear photo of the ruler.


No really, step back 15 feet minimum – we’re not kidding! The farther away the camera is, the more accurately your bag will fit.

Feel free to zoom in with your camera, just not with your feet – we need the flat perspective that comes from distance.


Check that the photo turned out ok. Here’s what to look for:

  • The bike should look as 2-dimensional as possible – little separation between the left and right side seat stays, for example
  • The view needs to be centered on the frame – all parts of the frame should be the same distance away from the camera
  • The ruler needs to be legible when zoomed in (a bit blurry is usually ok)

If you have trouble getting a clear photo, try taking it in natural light and holding your phone as steady as possible.


Place your order and send the photo to We’ll send you an estimated ship date so you know when your bag will arrive!

Questions about the photo process?

Read our PandaVision Extended Guide for more details.