How to Order a Custom Bag

At Rogue Panda we make it easy to order a custom bag for your frame. We were the first in the industry to offer a framebag fit based on a photo, and we have perfected it over the thousands of frame bags we’ve made. Your bag is guaranteed to fit like a glove.

For many common frames we have patterns already, so check our pattern list to see if your frame is one that we have a pattern for. If so you can just note that at checkout when ordering your frame bag, or send us an email. If we don’t have a pattern we’ll just need a photo, so scroll down for instructions:

Framebag Pattern List

Note: Models can change geometry over the years, so make sure the year matches. We only recently started saving patterns so this list is small, but will grow rapidly.

Advocate Hayduke Large 2016-2017
Advocate Hayduke Medium 2016-2017
Advocate Hayduke Small 2016-2017
Advocate Hayduke XL 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 49cm 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 52cm 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 54cm 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 56cm 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 58cm 2016-2017
Advocate Lorax 61cm 2016-2017
Advocate Watchman Large 2016-2017
Advocate Watchman Medium 2016-2017
Advocate Watchman Small 2016-2017
Advocate Watchman XL 2016-2017
Bombtrack Beyond Lg 2016
Chumba Stella Large Pre-2016
Chumba Ursa Large 2016-2017
Giant Anthem (27.5) Medium 2014
Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead Medium 2016
Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol Medium 2016
Kona Big Honzo Large 2017
Kona Hei Hei Large 2016
Kona Hei Hei Aluminum Large 2016
Kona Hei Hei DL (Aluminum) XL 2016
Kona Honzo (Aluminum) Large 2016
Kona Honzo (Steel) Large 2017
Kona Honzo (Steel) Medium 2013
Kona Honzo (Steel) Medium 2014
Kona Unit Medium 2014
Kona Unit Medium 2017
Marin Pine Mountain 2 Medium 2015
Marin Pine Mountain 2 Medium 2016-2017
Marin Pine Mountain 2 Small 2016
Norco Ithaca Carbon XL 2017
Pivot LES Medium (18 inch) 2016
Pivot Mach 429 Trail XL 2017
Rocky Mountain Growler XS 2017
Rocky Mountain Sherpa Medium 2016
Rocky Mountain Sherpa Small (16 inch) 2016
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Small 2015
Salsa Beargrease Carbon XL 2016
Salsa Bucksaw Medium 2015-2017
Salsa Bucksaw Small 2015-2017
Salsa Cutthroat Medium 2016-2017
Salsa Cutthroat Small 2016-2017
Salsa El Mariachi Medium 2015
Salsa El Mariachi Medium (17 inch) 2012
Salsa El Mariachi Small 2012
Salsa Fargo Large 2016
Salsa Fargo Large 2017
Salsa Fargo Medium 2017
Salsa Fargo Medium Pre-2017
Salsa Fargo Small 2017
Salsa Fargo Small Pre-2017
Salsa Fargo XL Pre-2017
Salsa Fargo XS 2017
Salsa Fargo Titanium Large 2018
Salsa Horsethief Large 2012
Salsa Horsethief Medium 2014
Salsa Marrakech Dropbar 52cm 2016
Salsa Mukluk Small 2017
Salsa Mukluk Small (16 inch) 2015
Salsa Mukluk Aluminum 19 inch 2014
Salsa Mukluk Carbon Large 2017
Salsa Mukluk Carbon Medium 2017
Salsa Pony Rustler Medium 2017
Salsa Pony Rustler XL 2017
Salsa Spearfish Aluminum Medium (18 inch) 2015
Salsa Spearfish Aluminum XL 2013
Salsa Timberjack Large 2017
Salsa Timberjack Medium 2017
Salsa Timberjack Small 2017
Salsa Timberjack XL 2017
Salsa Timberjack XS 2017
Salsa Vaya 57cm 2011
Salsa Vaya 57cm 2016
Salsa Warbird 55cm 2017
Salsa Woodsmoke Large 2017
Salsa Woodsmoke Medium 2017
Salsa Woodsmoke Small 2017
Salsa Woodsmoke XS 2017
Santa Cruz Tallboy Medium 2016
Santa Cruz Tallboy XXL 2017
Santa Cruz Tallboy Large 2017
Scott Spark Plus Large 2017
Scott Spark Plus Small 2017
Soma Juice Large 2014-2016 (Brownstone)
Soma Sandworm Medium 2016
Soma Wolverine 56cm 2017
Soma Wolverine 62cm 2015
Specialized AWOL Large 2016
Specialized AWOL Medium 2016
Specialized AWOL Small 2016
Specialized AWOL XL 2016
Specialized AWOL XS 2016-2017
Specialized Epic Medium 2012
Specialized Fatboy Medium 2015
Specialized Fatboy XL 2016
Specialized Fuse Medium 2016
Surly Cross Check 56cm All Years
Surly Cross Check 60cm All Years
Surly ECR Large All Years
Surly ECR XL All Years
Surly Ice Cream Truck Large All Years
Surly Ice Cream Truck Medium All Years
Surly Karate Monkey Large 2017
Surly Karate Monkey Medium 2014
Surly Karate Monkey Medium 2017
Surly Krampus Large 2017
Surly Krampus Large Pre-2017
Surly Krampus Medium 2017
Surly Krampus Medium Pre-2017
Surly Krampus Small Pre-2017
Surly Krampus XL Pre-2017
Surly Ogre Large Pre-2017
Surly Ogre Medium Pre-2017
Surly Ogre Small Pre-2017
Surly Pugsley Large All Years
Surly Pugsley Small All Years
Surly Troll Medium Pre-2017
Surly Troll Small Pre-2017
Surly Wednesday Large All Years
Surly Wednesday Medium All Years
Surly Wednesday XL All Years
Trek Farley 5 19.5 inch 2016
Trek Farley 9.6 17.5 inch 2017
Trek Farley EX 17.5 inch 2017
Trek Fuel EX 8 17.5 inch 2014
Trek Fuel EX 9.9 17.5 inch 2017
Trek Stache 17.5 inch 2015
Trek Stache 7 18.5 2017
Trek Stache 8 21 (XL) 2013
Trek Stache 9.8 19.5 2017
Trek Stache 9.8 XL 2017
Trek Stache Aluminum XL 2017
Tumbleweed Prospector Medium 2017
Vassago Jabberwocky Medium (18 inch) 2013-2015
Velo Orange Piolet XL 2016-2017

Note: It can be difficult to track model year changes for all the different bikes out there, so if in doubt just send us a photo to confirm.

Don’t see your bike in the pattern list? Just follow these instructions to take a sizing photo:

Step 1: Get your bike, a ruler, and a means to secure the ruler to the bike (packing tape works nicely)

Step 2: Secure the ruler to the frame somewhere. The top tube is pictured but anywhere will do.

Step 3: Take a photo, looking straight on at the side of the bike from 10 feet or more away.


Step 4: Zoom in on the photo to make sure the ruler is legible (if it’s a bit blurry that’s usually ok). Send to

Step 4: Place an order on the website with the options you want. Once we get an order and a photo, we will start construction with our next run of frame bags.

That’s it! Here’s a sample of an actual photo. Note how you can pretty much just see one chain stay, one seat stay and one fork leg. That’s a good indication that it was taken from far enough away and looking straight at the side of the bike, not from an angle.

Send framebag photos to Just let us know your name in the email and we’ll be able to associate it with your order. If you can, include the brand, model, size and year so we can save the pattern for future use.

Artwork by Franzi of Tales on Tyres.

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