Alamo Top Tube Bag

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  • Topo data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap

  • Designs by Kate George

  • Designs by Colette Marie

  • Did you know you could add your own custom design for an additional cost?
    Email us to start the conversation. When we've worked out the details, we'll let you know how to order.

  • Design by Collette Marie

  • Are you ordering a Frame Bag and a Top Tube Bag together?
    Consider ordering the Frame Bag in Sunset Topo and the Top Tube Bag in Twilight Blue for a matching set.

  • This color palette matches the top of the Sunset Topo.
    Consider getting a matching set with a Frame Bag made in Sunset Topo and a Top Tube Bag in Twilight Topo.

  • Recycled fabric from Challenge Outdoor! EPX200 has similar properties to VX21, but is made from 100% recycled polyester.

  • Recycled fabric from Challenge Outdoor! EPX200 has similar properties to VX21, but is made from 100% recycled polyester.

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Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Every gunslinger has a sidekick. Mattie had her Rooster. Roy Rogers had his Gabby. And you’ve got your Alamo. It’s stable. Reliable. Always there for you (and maybe providing snacks!).

Ok, not the best analogy. But the Alamo is one of our most popular bags for good reason – it just works! From the smooth operating single-zipper, to straps designed for maximum stability – it’s got lots of subtle design features that make it great.

Easy-to-Use Single Zipper

The Alamo has a single zipper running the length of the bag, for fast one-handed access while riding. The smoothly contoured design of the bag, plus stiff HDPE side panels keep the zipper running smoothly whether the bag is empty or stuffed full of snacks.

Large Opening and Bright Interior

We make our top tube bags with full length zippers, to give you as wide of an opening as possible. The inside is lined with light gray fabric throughout, so you can easily see the contents. In addition, the bottom and front are padded with foam to protect your stuff.

Daisy-Chain Non-Slip Bottom Straps

The Alamo has a daisy chain of webbing on the bottom, backed with non-slip rubberized fabric. Movable straps (also backed with non-slip) can be moved to accommodate braze-ons or frame bag straps.

The result is an incredibly stable connection that almost makes the headset strap unnecessary, while allowing for the flexibility of movable straps.

Rider’s Fit

The Alamo was designed to fit pretty much any bike and rider without leg interference. If you’d like a larger bag, check out the Alamogordo Top Tube Bag – it’s got 50% more capacity and the same great features of the Alamo.

What’s in a Name?

Alamo Canyon is a lovely section of the Arizona Trail, full of sublime singletrack with beautiful views of Picketpost Mountain.

Additional information

Weight4 oz

0.9 liters / 11 Snickers bars (full size)


The Alamo is 8" long. At the front it's 3" wide and 3.5" tall, and it tapers to 2" wide by 2" tall at the rear.