Bismarck Bottle Bucket V2


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Water bottle not included – but you can buy one here!

The Bismarck V2 is here! We redesigned it from the ground up to be even more secure and easier to use than the original. The new version uses a Voile strap attachment, mounts on either side of the handlebars, and includes pockets on all sides for maximum snack-carrying capacity.

Easy Access to Water

The Bismarck provides super-easy access to your bottle – instead of a drawstring opening, we incorporated a bottle cage directly into the bag so there’s nothing between you and sweet, sweet hydration. Just grab your bottle and drink!

Convenient Pockets

Looking for pockets? The Bismarck is covered with ’em! It has three mesh pockets – perfect for bars, energy gels or drink mixes. The back has our roomy Potbelly Pocket, which is great for extra food, an ultralight wind breaker or a 12 oz can of your favorite beverage.

Snacks not included – we just included some of our favorites for scale.

Bismarck Voile Strap attachment

Ultra-Secure Attachments

The Bismarck has been updated with all-new attachments for more stability in the rough stuff. The top straps are hook-and-loop with slip-not backing, and the bottom is a Voile strap to go around your fork crown.

Want the Bismarck on the other side of your handlebars? Just move the Voile strap over to the other D-ring and you’re good to go!

What’s in a Name?

The Bismarck is named after Bismarck Lake, a water source off of the Arizona Trail north of Flagstaff. Just like Bismarck Lake, your water bottles might be totally empty, totally full, or somewhere in between.

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