Bismarck Bottle Bucket



Lead Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

Ok, show of hands – who likes dealing with a drawstring to get out their water bottle? Anybody? Bueller? … Yeah, we don’t either. That’s why we invented the Bismarck Bottle Bucket.

The Bismarck is a revolutionary new stem bag. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we harnesses the power of the most convenient, secure water bottle holder ever made – the bottle cage.

Easy Access to Water

The Bismarck provides easier access to your water than any comparable bag on the market. Just grab your bottle and drink!

Convenient Pockets

Looking for pockets? The Bismarck is covered with ’em! The front and side of the bag have mesh pockets, perfect for bars, energy gels or drink mixes. The back has our drawstring Potbelly Pocket, which is an easy way to add volume without much weight. It’s great for carrying extra food at the beginning of a trip, or for an ultralight wind breaker or other small layer (to give you an idea, the pocket holds 8 full-size Snickers).

Snacks not included – we just included some of our favorites for scale.

Encouragement Panda

The Bismarck is covered with so many pockets that we couldn’t find anywhere to put our panda logo on the outside. Rather than sacrificing function for cosmetic reasons, we put it on the inside of the bag instead. Think of it as a good luck charm, cheering you on every time you take a sip of water.

We also include a drain hole just underneath the panda, to keep rain from pooling up.

What’s in a Name?

The Bismarck is named after Bismarck Lake, a water source off of the Arizona Trail north of Flagstaff. Just like Bismarck Lake, your water bottles might be totally empty, totally full, or somewhere in between.

Additional information

Weight4.7 oz

1 water bottle, plus 1 liter / 12 Snickers bars in all the exterior pockets


With Exterior Pockets Empty: 3.5" wide, 3.5" deep and 6.5" tall With Exterior Pockets Full: 4" wide, 7" deep and 6.5" tall