Panda Purist Bottle


Have so many bottle cages, you don’t even know what to do with ’em? Stick one of these bad boys up in there.

Purist technology provides a protective shield inside the bottle to stop residual flavors or stains from ruining your new favorite water bottle. So you can mix your favorite sports drink one day and chug unadulterated water the next. Equipped with the MoFlo cap, these bottles deliver max simplicity and liquidy beverage straight to your mouth hole.

26oz Rogue Panda Purist Bottle

Purist 26oz

Still waiting on your bike to arrive and just stoked on staying hydrated? 26 ounces of pure hydration awaits you.
This bottle makes a great hiking buddy. So bring it to the trailhead with or without a bike!

22oz Rogue Panda Purist Bottle

Purist 22oz

Maximize the size of your Partial Frame Bag with a 22oz bottle.  These shorty bottles fit perfectly under your partial frame bag and lets us add 1.5″ to the height of a new bag.
Great for smaller frames where a 26oz bottle may not fit well.

Additional information

Cap Style



26oz – 9.5" / 24cm
22oz – 8" / 20cm


BPA-Free Low Density Polymer


Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Freezer Safe
Use a soft cloth to wash the interior

These bottles play well with our Bismarck Bottle Buckets or any of our Universal Bags.